etsymetal blog carnival: nobody's perfect

well, you don't have to say that twice!!

tell us about a piece gone awry or a funny story about something that didn't go as planned...
*first i should say that my development as an artist depends on my screw-ups. i have never been 'shown' a technique. i might read a bit online or ask a question or two, but i really learn through my mistakes.
*now for a story of mess ups that makes me want to cry even now....
over the summer i worked on a massive ring with a large handsawn flower on the side of a slab of bezel set stone. it was a lovely piece of agate i had won on ebay with a bit of druzy in the middle. i decided that i just could not part with the stone and would keep this massive ring for myself. while traipsing the pieces from my workroom to my living room where i would set the stone, i dropped the stone on the tile floor and chipped the tip. CRAP!! i set everything aside for months and finally set the stone to have the tip ground off and polished. thank you http://theagateworks.etsy.com. when i got the stone back i took off the ring band, pulled off the bezel, made a new bezel, put the ring band back on and was thrilled to be finishing my new ring. once again, while moving all the pieces to set the stone i drop the stone on the tile floor and crack it in half. really, what is the likelihood that i drop the same stone twice and ruin it? needless to say, i do NOT have a new ring and wasted precious work hours on something that cannot be fixed.

to read about my com padres mistakes and mess-ups, go here:


etsymetal january theme...

chinese new year, a photo by wildflowerdesigns on Flickr.

chinese new year.

i was born during the year of the rooster (1981) and decided to incorporate that into my design.
side one features a bezel set septarian cabochon with veins that glitter in the sunlight.
side two features a pierced rooster.
the necklace is competed with a strand of wire-wrapped river stone and a strand of wire-wrapped jasper.
i am so excited to have finished my necklace on time (with a couple of hours to spare) and really want to continue to participate in the rest of this years challenges.


christmas star

starstar, a photo by wildflowerdesigns on Flickr.

each year our family makes a new star to top our tree.
this year ryan thought it would be fun to make it out of legos.
when a family member told a part of the christmas story, they got to add a couple of lego pieces to the star.
we came up with quite the exciting star.
thank you star wars lego kits!!


finally....some new items up in the shop

new growth  by wildflowerdesigns

new growth , a photo by wildflowerdesigns on Flickr.

i have been the most negligent etsy shop owner this past year.
between church, school, and sports i have had a difficult time sitting down and cranking out completed pieces.
even when i am able to work on a piece from start to finish, i do not make the time to properly photograph it and list it on etsy.
over the next week or so i will be trying to create listings for the pieces i have been able to complete over the past 6 mos. or so.


pumpkin carving

pumpkin carving
pumpkin carving, a photo by wildflowerdesigns on Flickr.

maybe this will be my official return to blogging....
this weekend we all carved pumpkins.
we only finished the boys' pumpkins but have very exciting plans for the final pumpkin.
these will all be judged on wednesday during the halloween carnival our family will be attending.


charm swap #7

i was an alternate in charm swap #7 and got into the game later than others. i had such a hard time trying to decide what i would make.

i chose to individually hand saw 22 copper flowers which were then individually filed and finished off with sterling silver beaded wire in the center.
i had hopes to tube set itty bitty tourmaline gems in the center of each flower, but it was miraculous that i was even able to finish my charms (better late than never.)
these charms have already been mailed and and divied up amoung the participants of charm swap #7.
shannon (rubygirl) is so organized that i have received my package of lovely charms and worn a few.
i am thrilled to have little bits of metal that my peers and mentors have created with their own hands.


the price of silver

is quite simply beyond distressing.

i needed to purchase some silver for a custom project and wanted to throw up.

i have next to nothing in terms of sheet silver, but i cannot bring myself to buy more than enough to squeak by.

i am so discouraged by the almost daily rise in price coupled with my lack of time to create that i have very little motivation to sit down and think of something to make.

the pieces that i really want to make require more silver than i have available to even complete the piece.

let's hope the market levels out soon so my compadres and i can continue to create one-of-a-kind pieces at resonable prices.


blog carnival

etsymetal shares:

what is your most coveted tool?


how would you use it?

the tool i have been wanting for ages is a rolling mill.

i sure it is a simple thing compared to my compadres' studios,

but i would love to have one.

i would love to add texture to my leaves and flowers.

i love the 2D feel of my work, but i would like to add a bit of depth.

if any of you want to help me in acquiring one,

just go to my shop and buy some lovelies.

to see what everyone else wants, check out:


more mushrooms

lovely, aren't they?
find more images from machel spence here

mushrooms for mushrooms

Originally uploaded by wildflowerdesigns
i probably get a convo asking to trade about once a month.
i usually send out a polite 'sorry i can't, blah, blah, blah.'
i really can't justify trading very often, especially for a custom piece.
rewind a couple of weeks.....
machel of wavyshell asked me to construct a custom mushroom pendant and mentioned that she was also open to trading.
so, i took my sweet time and finally checked out her shop.
oh my gosh!!!!!!
she works magic with her camera!
i love flowers for their tiny details.
machel has captured each mushroom with such detail and finesse....
i am now thinking of ways to add itty bitty mushrooms and fungi to my stones instead of just flowers.
to top it off, she doesn't use photoshop for anything other than cropping these fantastic images.
i am blown away by her talent and i am excited to have several of her prints on their way to my house.
here is her etsy shop
here is my post featuring some of her images


the new year

the new year is always such a convinient time to think about new goals and changing directions.
i have been hiding out in my own little cave lately.
i venture out to help with school projects and church activities, but otherwise i stay tucked inside.
i need to get out.
i need to expand.
after coming across several posts of '30 before 30' lists, i have decided to compile my own.
i turned 30 in january and wrote down a '30 while 30' list.
some of the items on the list will be fairly easy to accomplish....read at least 1 book per month.
other items will require more planning.....paint 1 large watercolor (seeing as i have not painted in months and months...)
i also hope to write more in the form of journaling or blogging or both.