etsymetal blog carnival: nobody's perfect

well, you don't have to say that twice!!

tell us about a piece gone awry or a funny story about something that didn't go as planned...
*first i should say that my development as an artist depends on my screw-ups. i have never been 'shown' a technique. i might read a bit online or ask a question or two, but i really learn through my mistakes.
*now for a story of mess ups that makes me want to cry even now....
over the summer i worked on a massive ring with a large handsawn flower on the side of a slab of bezel set stone. it was a lovely piece of agate i had won on ebay with a bit of druzy in the middle. i decided that i just could not part with the stone and would keep this massive ring for myself. while traipsing the pieces from my workroom to my living room where i would set the stone, i dropped the stone on the tile floor and chipped the tip. CRAP!! i set everything aside for months and finally set the stone to have the tip ground off and polished. thank you http://theagateworks.etsy.com. when i got the stone back i took off the ring band, pulled off the bezel, made a new bezel, put the ring band back on and was thrilled to be finishing my new ring. once again, while moving all the pieces to set the stone i drop the stone on the tile floor and crack it in half. really, what is the likelihood that i drop the same stone twice and ruin it? needless to say, i do NOT have a new ring and wasted precious work hours on something that cannot be fixed.

to read about my com padres mistakes and mess-ups, go here:


Beth Cyr said...

oh no!! that is so sad! and to have gone through the time of fixing it once...

tkmetalarts said...

OMG, I have a stone that I dropped on my concrete garage floor. I was more efficient than you though, it cracked in half right away. LOL. Well, the setting was almost done too, and now I just let the stone sit in the setting and zipped it up in a baggie, not quite ready for the scrap yard yet. :(

Inbar Bareket said...

So sorry that it happened to you !
One of the first expensive stone fall and was break to two - I cried !
Few years ago a friend told me when an apartment deal I closed didn't came out that there are things that are not meant to be ours.

stacey said...

that's what i had to tell myself inbar...it wasn't meant to be.

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

That sounds like something I would do! I think it's a sign that there are even better things for you to make! Happy jewelry making!

The Handmade Biz said...

Sorry to hear about your luck with the stone.

an idea- perhaps you could make a pendant and cast the stone with resin in a pendant bezel.

still save it's beauty, less likely to get damaged again.

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