charm swap #7

i was an alternate in charm swap #7 and got into the game later than others. i had such a hard time trying to decide what i would make.

i chose to individually hand saw 22 copper flowers which were then individually filed and finished off with sterling silver beaded wire in the center.
i had hopes to tube set itty bitty tourmaline gems in the center of each flower, but it was miraculous that i was even able to finish my charms (better late than never.)
these charms have already been mailed and and divied up amoung the participants of charm swap #7.
shannon (rubygirl) is so organized that i have received my package of lovely charms and worn a few.
i am thrilled to have little bits of metal that my peers and mentors have created with their own hands.


Stuart and Kimber said...

I keep hoping you'll post some pics of the other charms. (Your charms rock BTW)

CharmN Jewelry said...

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