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etsymetal shares:

what is your most coveted tool?


how would you use it?

the tool i have been wanting for ages is a rolling mill.

i sure it is a simple thing compared to my compadres' studios,

but i would love to have one.

i would love to add texture to my leaves and flowers.

i love the 2D feel of my work, but i would like to add a bit of depth.

if any of you want to help me in acquiring one,

just go to my shop and buy some lovelies.

to see what everyone else wants, check out:


Evelyn Markasky said...

So then I take the person at the top of the list and send them what they covet and move my name up one?!!!

Wouldn't that be cool!!
Hope you get your rolling mill sometime!!

AdobeSol said...

I would like a rolling mill too.

Evelyn, That would be great!

Erin Austin said...

Rolling Mill is at the very top of my list of about a zillion things. We'll get one someday!

Beth Cyr said...

Oh I hope you get one soon too! I'd love to see all the neat textures you would create with it!

stacey said...

evelyn, that would be fabulous if it worked that way