mushrooms for mushrooms

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i probably get a convo asking to trade about once a month.
i usually send out a polite 'sorry i can't, blah, blah, blah.'
i really can't justify trading very often, especially for a custom piece.
rewind a couple of weeks.....
machel of wavyshell asked me to construct a custom mushroom pendant and mentioned that she was also open to trading.
so, i took my sweet time and finally checked out her shop.
oh my gosh!!!!!!
she works magic with her camera!
i love flowers for their tiny details.
machel has captured each mushroom with such detail and finesse....
i am now thinking of ways to add itty bitty mushrooms and fungi to my stones instead of just flowers.
to top it off, she doesn't use photoshop for anything other than cropping these fantastic images.
i am blown away by her talent and i am excited to have several of her prints on their way to my house.
here is her etsy shop
here is my post featuring some of her images

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