about eating

i mentioned here the awesome weight gain i experienced on drugs.
i got off the drugs and then got back on because i still can't quite get a grip on life.
then, i mentioned my fabulous eating habits too.
apparently no amount of exercising can make up for the fact that i am treating my body like i am a 15 year old boy.
i am currently on day two of at least two weeks of a 'detox diet.'
yesterday really sucked.
i will not be enjoying fried chicken, chocolate, milk, bread, pasta, or potatoes in any form.
i am lazy and now have to cook almost everything i eat.
i did go shopping today and bought chicken breats (for grilling only), fruit and more fruit, and some fruit and nut bars.
i have to give myself a little leeway so i will be indulging in yogurt with my fruit and one lonely piece of laffy taffy a night.
hey, i need those corny jokes.
if i don't lose 20 lbs in about 3 days i might just cry.

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