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food for thought.......

what do i eat?
well, i prefer chicken to red meat, fruits to veggies, and chocolate to vanilla.
as far as preparation goes, deep frying is the way to go.
i would eat fried chicken everyday of the year if i thought my heart could handle it.

what won't i eat?
honestly, that list is too long to really even begin to answer.
i enjoy plain (and salty) food.
i do not like things like onions and peppers touching my tongue, but i don't actually mind the flavor.
if i eat anything chinese or mexican, its a really watered down version.
plus, i like to sniff things before i try them so i don't waste time trying to get a gross taste out of my mouth.

do i have any interesting pairings that i would like to share?
obviously not, i am far to plain for that.

what studio snacks do i eat?
maybe a couple of pieces of candy.
my studio time is so limited that i don't really need to snack.

do i have a favorite recipe that i would like to share?
sure, i have been into homemade ice cream and homemade cookies lately.
a couple of weeks ago i made some really dark (almost black) and rich chocolate ice cream.
you can find the recipe here.
the two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa turned into two heaping tablespoons of special dark cocoa
and the two ozs of semisweet chips turned into some semisweet chips since i just poured some directly from the bag.

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Victoria Takahashi said...

ahhh stacey! it seems we would have to order from different menus ! I love your honesty about your food choices :) Im sure my food choices will upset your tummy, hee hee hee!

Ann Hartley said...

OH MY GOSH! You are exactly like my Son! I'll bet you gave your Mom a fit! HAHA! It's nice to know that he won't starve to death, thanks for the great post!! :)

stacey said...

i know...
after reading everyone's posts i realized that i still eat like a teenage boy.
oh well.

Beth Cyr said...

how fun! it is great to see how everyone does have such different tastes. i am a fan of fried stuff as well :)

Inbar Bareket said...

I don't have oil at all at home, only olive oil and sesame oil that I love for my salads dressing. I am trying to avoid fried food - I learned to grill everything....
I don't like Vanilla too and I love dark 70% and up chocolate.
Great post !

stacey said...

inbar, the darker the chocolate the better