blog carnival : back to school

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where did i go to school...
mississippi state university

am i still a student...
unfortunately no
if it was up to me and money (and time with my babies) was not an issue, i would be in school forever
and i really do mean forever
the plan has always been for me to go to grad school and just one hang ups is choosing from so many interesting subjects

what kind of student was i....
how do you describe students?
i was a psychology student and took as many criminology classes as i could work into my schedule
i tried my hardest to get all of my classes before lunch so i could read/study/whatever in the afternoon and evenings
i got married after my freshman year and stuffed 3 full years into 2 years and just one summer
that meant 20+ hrs every semester and 9+ hrs both summer terms
it also meant that i had to get a special piece of paper signed by the dean allowing me to take extra classes
i also worked on the same level as two grad students (doing research) with a social psychology professor
and through all this i managed to graduate summa cum laude

if i had the opportunity to go back to school, would i...
i think i have made this obviously clear, yes, yes, and yes

if so, where would i go and what would i study...
i have no clue what school i would choose
that would depend on the course of study i finally settled on
between my psych degree and really getting into metal i wanted to delve more into social psychology and criminology
i worked in the forensic building at the state's mental hospital and found it really interesting
i took four semesters of russian and would love to use it in some way
that would of course require more study
i am also into epidemiology and disease and history
and now that i have found metal, i would love to really take some art classes and some business classes

find out what everyone else wants to study here:


Thomasin Durgin said...

I enjoyed reading your post, sounds like you were an amazing student!

Victoria Takahashi said...

stacey i agree with tomi, you sound like you were definately an amazing book worm :)
knowledge is power!

i can really feel your passion for school in your post.

stacey said...

i really did love school
and as the first child, i was almost too ambitious at times