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vine - berry
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is actually happening this week.
i have plenty of sparkling beauties (many are tourmaline) going up in the shop this week.
i am really excited about adding the tube set stones as well as the larger faceted stones in long, dangling earrings.
i also have a handful of necklaces that are making their way to the shop.
i tend to focus on earrings and rings because those are the accessories that i wear, but i am pleased with the necklaces i have made the past couple of months (and i do mean months.)

also worth a mention, i am splitting a pop-up spot with a fellow ms craftswoman for the next six weeks.
the pop-up is in 'the corner' building in fondren that also houses roosters.
i am planning on opening the doors during lunch hours (11-1:30) during the week.
i will also show up on random weekends throughout the holiday season.
be sure to stop by if you are in town.

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Stuart and Kimber said...

Ohhh! Very cool....hmmmm

Love em!