long time no see

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i still can't quite conquer time management.
i met my family up in starkville for a state football game.
parker finished up his soccer season and just in time to miss the cold (maybe it's just cool for most of you) weather.
i organized a fall/halloween party for parker's first grade class. i am still not quite sure how i managed to snag the title of room mother, but the kids are so sweet to both me and miles that i just couldn't resist.
our family participated in a church fall carnival and then went trick-or-treating on saturday night.
parker has been working on a reading fair project for a couple of weeks and turned it in this morning.
to catch up on all the going ons of our family go check out my flickr.

this means that i am finally able to catch up on yard work and maybe get ahead of the mound of laundry that just never disappears.

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