this boy

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is the reason i make it day in and day out.

he has had to survive postpartum depression once and now he is doing it again.
he is remaining the sweetest kid in the process.
he often comes up to me and says 'you know what i am going to do to make you happy...' and then proceeds to give me a kiss, give me some snuggles or huggles (hugs & snuggles), or draw me a picture.
he is the most generous child and shares with friends and especially his little brother.
he sings, giggles, and tickles miles when no one else can make him happy.
he reads WAY better than most kids his age and knows everything about dinosaurs and sharks.
he keeps me going and will save the world some day.


beammeuppattie said...

I don't doubt it.

beammeuppattie said...
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