it's not fair!!

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parker has recently taken to complaining 'it's not fair' when he doesn't get his way.
the action taken might actually be fair, but parker still proceeds with his complaint.
i've too decided it's not fair.
i've been thinking about how parents get to be proud of their children, but when do their children stop to think about how proud they should be of their parents?
this weekend we all (the siblings that is) gathered at district conference to celebrate the almost end of my dad's year as district governor.
it was so nice to see how much everyone appreciated both him and my mother.
so, right now, i will say that i am proud of my parents....
they have always been good people and usually put others' needs before their own.
they have served their family and friends for years.
now, they have extended their sphere of influence and have encouraged others to serve and be as charitable as the example they show.
so YAY for surviving the grand poohbahness and YAY for encouraging everyone else to be as good as you both are.

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beammeuppattie said...

I so appreciate your love and your appreciation in word and deed.