new release thursdays

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i am still attempting to participate in etsymetal's new release thursdays.
some weeks it feels like i have nothing and need to scramble to put the finishing touches on projects.

i have continued to play with granulation and have been pleased with the results so far.
i have found that it is tricky and i can't really predict how long it will take me to get each project just right.

besides scrambling for new release thursdays, i am working on several custom pieces.
one is a chain and i LOVE making those!

i also got my acceptance letter from the guild in the mail today.
i am pleased that i made it into an organization that will help fill out my resume and provide some extra conveniences, but i still have no clue how my work this submission really differed from last.
i suppose i should just be happy for the positive outcome, but i find its still overshadowed by my results last time.


Stuart and Kimber said...

Oh, so I guess we aren't going TPing. sigh...

Congrats though!

(All sour-castic and mean comments have been read and deleted from this message.)

Ashley said...

Those earrings are lovely!

Anonymous said...

It is looking like sun flowers???????

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