another lace chain

red lace
Originally uploaded by wildflowerdesigns
i just finished up this new lace chain and wanted to show it off a little before it went to its new home.
even though the chain was an accident the first go round, i love how it turned out and will continue to make more.

i also have a few projects mid-completion (thanks to a low butane supply.)
i have since restocked and should have time to finish several of my new pieces in time for new release thursdays.


Stuart and Kimber said...

I want to see the front!

Your chains are beautiful! I love them. sigh... someday.

(Someday I'll have a place to wear them, more like!)

Stuart and Kimber said...

(Ok, I saw the front.)

Very nice. She's very lucky.

msbelle said...

It's so cool Stacey!!

Anonymous said...

She is wearing nice glass ::::::

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