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just to clue everyone in, i have not just been sitting around eating bonbons lately; i am pregnant and have been feeling rather pathetic.
and now really isn't the time for feeling completely exhausted every minute, or getting a cold that i can't shake, or worrying about what parker will do for his first year of school in the fall.
but, admist all of this, i was able to participate in fondren unwrapped last week and it went much better than expected.
over the next couple of days i will be listing old and new items in the shop and then plan on having a SALE this weekend to kick off online holiday shopping.
so, be sure to check back friday for all the details.

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kristina said...


i sell on etsy too =) and found your store by doing the shop local thing. you mentioned fondren unwrapped, i'm interested in participating in that next year (actually trying to get a list together of possible venues to sell my bags at for the coming year) so i wanted to ask if may, who do i need to contact if i'm interested on being a vendor for any of the fondren related events?

thank you!