hobbledehoy's yarn

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i "know" liz from before the gorgeous handspun yarn starting appearing in her shop and she just sold the silliest buttons ever.
now that she has become a spinning superstar i check her shop obsessively for yarns that i NEED to own.
today i dug through my stash and realized that i own a shockingly small number of her two-plys.
if i had more than $4.50 in my paypal account, i would rectify the problem immediately. but for now i am forced to wait until i sell some earrings before going on the shopping spree that is now inevitable.

having made such a sad confession, my two fav two-plys (at this very moment) are pollen count and ivy frond
and besides such bright, vibrant yarn, liz stocks her shop with LOLbatts for your own creating pleasure


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

aw, thanks for the shout-out! I still make buttons, but I hoard them all to myself. mwahahaha!


Jackie said...

met you briefly at ms market. could you email me wholesale price info? laurelexpress@gmail.com