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today i went out to water my grass seeds, left the door open a crack, and thought parker would wait for the whole 5 minutes it would take me.
he quickly walked outside and slammed the door shut, locking us out.
after several minutes of fuming i went and checked the door to our storage room that is part of the house, but still separated.
fortunately for me, it was unlocked. BUT, when i got in, i was stuck. the door into the house was locked from the other side.
i quickly decided to knock the door off the hinges and just fix everything when i got back in.
not how i planned to spend a portion of my afternoon.

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msbelle said...

Ack! Ida been cussin'!! I know what you mean though. Even though I've not been locked out (yet, knock on wood), I tell Kevin to stay put while I just walk into the kitchen or the garage or outside or something, and it's like he has ants in his pants and can't stay put for even a minute! Got to be right on your heels just like a little puppy!! What is it? Separation anxiety?!

Anyway, lucky for you that you didn't have to break a window!