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crap i am so late posting this....
and let me add that i kind of laughed at this topic as soon as i read it.

*What does it mean to you to be "successful" in business as an artist?
at first success was simply measured by selling enough jewelry to pay for more supplies.
now, i do feel much differently even though i cannot say that i am successful.
i want to sell my jewelry consistently and this means both itty bitty earrings and my one of a kind pieces.
i want to receive a small amount of commission work.
i want to sell enough jewelry to pay for a class (taking into consideration that this means travel and childcare.)
i also want to be a member of professional organizations and respected by my metal peers.

*How do you walk the line between creativity and profitability?
i feel that walking the line between creativity and profitability is something that all artists must struggle with.
i do make simple, inexpensive earrings that make great gifts, but i have tried to make sure they 'fit' with my other pieces. i chose stones and colors that i like and would wear.
and that is about as far as i go......
i know i seem to mention this constantly, but i do not have to live off of my income.
i want jewelry making to stay my creative outlet and to remain fun.
i worry that when my boys grow up i will have to grow up too.

*What is the best thing you've done for your business?
i have no secret recipes for other artists.
i do not have my own website and i do not have a brick and mortar shop.
i do not wholesale to huge upscale boutiques or send my jewelry to celebrities.
but for me the best thing i have done is to continue to learn and grow.
i started out wire-wrapping and stamping metal and now i have so much more to offer the public.

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