project runway challenge 8/2

this week contestants were asked to create a look appropriate for a billboard advertisizing the magazine marie claire.
so, we were given the challenge to start with a base of 1" x 2" and go from there.
we had no other guidelines or limits.
we could use any metal and embellish said metal with whatever we so desired.
i thought this would be a perfect opportunity to add some text to my work, especially since the challenge revolved around billboards.
i knew i wanted a quote related to hope, but i did not want some overly long or nauseating.
i felt like this was the perfect quote for my flower related pieces.
the accents are monochromatic featuring two blue/gray sapphires and one blue topaz.
i am really pleased with this piece and would love to explore more text with my pieces.
however, lack of silver will mean that future pieces are much smaller for a while.

to see more 'billboards' check out the etsymetal blog


Stuart and Kimber said...

So is this a pin??? I like the quote. Very nice.

stacey said...

its a pendant
the chain will thread through the back