yellowstone national park

yellowstone 5
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we made it to yellowstone.
i was not excited about the 2.5 hour drive there and then back, especially since we were driving into salt lake city the very next day; but i am very glad we made it out.
we started at the geysers and skipped old faithful in order to catch the grand geyser.
little did we know that we would have to wait until the very end of its window until it spewed hot water and steam above the trees.
next we stopped by some paint pots.
the edges of both the geysers and paint pots were lovely with all the little detail and made me wish for stones that mimiced that beauty.
after that we hiked down to see a waterfall with its amazing green water and it was at this point that i finally realized why i could appreciate the mountains: the canyons offer amazing perspective.
i hope to revisit the canyons when the boys are old enough to climb and hike further.
we were able to see an osprey's nest through binoculars.
we then ended the day filling our plates at the cafeteria and trying to listen to the radio on the way back to jackson hole, wy.

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