what will i be when i grow up?

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or what would i focus on for a career if i did not make jewelry?

that's a hard one.
first off, we would have to start with the assumption that i neither have children or make jewelry.
i decided well before i got pregnant that i would stay at home with my boys as soon as i had them.
continuing along that train of thought, i would have to choose some type of research, most likely social psychology, or maybe something related to disease and history or epidemiology.

i have b.s. in psychology and while in school i did some research in the field of social psychology.
i really enjoyed it and have always been a people watcher.

i also have a mild obsession with plagues.
(i know, morbid.)
i read plenty of books on the subject and never tire of it.
i would love to be out in the field tracking outbreaks and helping communities better prepare for prevention and containment.
i think i could also handle teaching courses on the topic.

but with two boys at home, even if i did not make jewelry, i will still be fixing meals, buying clothes, cheering at sporting events, and helping with homework.

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Victoria Takahashi said...

you are a scientist and artist extroidenaire :)
hmmm, plagues... eeeks!

Ann Hartley said...

I thought, after I finished my post, that what I would probably end up being was a Mom, and a less exhausted one at that. I'm so glad you mentioned it. Great post.