i still heart moop

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back in 2008 i purchased the duffel from moop and absolutely loved it.
it was the perfect everything: size, color, pockets, etc.
then i went and had another boy.
needless to say, the duffel just couldn't cut it anymore.
because i loved my first moop bag, i wanted to continue to support them and their small business.
i didn't want something super large, so i ended up with the kid's bookbag.
it served me well, but i had always desired more pockets and i wanted it to hold its shape a little more like the duffel....
enter the small messenger....
it is the same basic size as the kid's bookbag, but with more pockets (YAY!!!!)
it is also lined in the same water-resistant fabric as the duffel which i appreciate.
all in all, moop delivers the perfect bag for me yet again.


msbelle said...

Oh I yearn for a Moop....

stacey said...

go for it.
the bags are beyond fantastic!