yay, faceted stones!!

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there are not many options for local classes and two children limit things even more.
so i play, i experiment, and i yell when things work and when they don't.
often, this allows me to push and even ignore boundaries that others cannot.
for a while i have wanted to add faceted stones to my work, but it seemed so scary to me.
i have admired so many of my peers and how they have been able to set almost any stone imaginable, but i figured that would never be me.
but now it is!!!!
i am not taking about tube setting either; i completely fabricated these settings from scratch.
now that i have done it once, i plan on adding even more sparkle to my collection.

(oh, these will be the least expensive pair because i got a sweet deal on the stones!!)


Stuart and Kimber said...

THOSE are my favorite earrings EVER!!! I want em!!!

beammeuppattie said...

Very nice.