what exactly motivates me to create??

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it depends; it could be:
an idea that begs to be translated into physical form
a desire to keep nature near me at all times
an urge that i cannot quench until i have accomplished something that is all my own
a desire to adorn others with lovely, sturdy accessories

each urge and motivation plays some part in the time and effort i put into creating each day.
when i am not motivated or sick or tired, i just don't create.
when i am energetic or have too many ideas or have a show to stock, i create.
and i wish it was just that easy. but i do get concerned when things i love don't sell. i do get anxious in this economy as i realize that my jewelry really isn't neccesary for survival. at this moment, i do not depend on my jewelry income to sustain my family, so i try not to let lack of sales or the crappy economy dictate my design estethic.
it doesn't mean that it is easy, but i just try to focus on creating what i enjoy when i have the time and energy without obsessing on the saleability and practicality of some designs.

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Victoria Takahashi said...

simply put stacey.
It is just what and who you are :)

stacey said...

exactly vic

Beth Cyr said...

lovely stacey! it is easy for me to wonder too, about the 'necessity' of jewelry - but i remind myself that it is a little piece of pretty that might make the wearer smile or might make a total stranger smile and appreciate it on an otherwise boring or blah day. I do think its important. Someone may not see a real flower for days or weeks maybe (i don't know, i'm surrounded by vegetation, but i imagine in cities...) and seeing one of your flowers is a reminder. :)

stacey said...

thats all true beth.
but i know that when i don't have a ton of money i have to cut the happy extras.