i have fallen off the wagon

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but i promise i haven't disappeared, i just haven't been doing super well lately.


littlecherryhill said...

Haha! Love that pic!

Lee said...

Hey, Stacey!

It's Lee from your days at Mississippi State (I was the Northern guy in Dr. Tracie Stewart's lab)!

I was thinking of you and Ryan the other day -- I (finally) got married on 2/19!

I've been trying to track you guys down for a while now...I "searched" you (and Kevin and Connie Harris) on Bing and Yahoo and nothing came up, but thankfully, when I tried to find you on Google...BAM...there you all were!

I'm glad to see little Parker is doing so well...Is Norbert still around? Any new hedgehogs?

The jewelry is really cool, btw...my wife loves stuff like that!

I hope you and Ryan are doing well...I miss you guys!

I'd love to show you pics from the wedding, etc...do you still have that same hotmail account?

I have the same hotmail account if you still have it lying around somewhere...

Anyway, I'm so glad I finally found you guys (assuming you and Ryan remember me)!

Miss you guys!


stacey said...

lee, send me some pics at s.wildflower@gmail.com

and really, how many lee's do you think we hung out with???