on being an aunt

MINE, Aunt Stacey!
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(i have been meaning to write this post since the new year and i am finally making the time.)

i love my boys.
i prefer boys to girls in almost all situations.
but can i just say that being an aunt to sweet callie is the best.
i can buy her all the cutesy fru-fru things that i want.
i can indulge her and not feel guilty or deal with the reprecussions.
i can love and hug on her all i want and not worry about sharing with a sibling (at least not yet.)
it is definitely a win-win situation.

the only problem is she lives too far away to spoil on a daily basis.


Pattie said...

Yeah. This is the first time you have been an aunt (to your sibling's children). It is wonderful. I am also surprised how fun it is to buy the frilly girl's things since we have had rough and tough boys so far.

stacey said...

i know.
i can't believe how much i am enjoying spoiling a girl.