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what do you do when you aren't inspired?
that is this months blog carnival topic.
well actually, we are making lists of an inspirational 20 things to do, to kick start creativity....

i personally find that i am more likely to be at a loss for time when i want to create rather than a loss for ideas when i have time to make.
however, i do think this is a great topic for getting out of a rut.
it can be fun to play on one idea or one theme for a while, but then i want to move forward and learn more skills or try another design.
here are things that i have either tried or think would work for myself to get out of a creative rut:

  1. participate in a group challenge - for me that's been the project runway jewelry challenges
  2. clean up my bench junk - take all those odd leftovers cluttering the bench and make something, anything
  3. make time for my boys - if i spend all the time i can with my sons, i find that i have more ideas than i know what to do with when i do get to work
  4. make custom work - its not always something i would do unless asked, but it does get me thinking
  5. take care of little things - like bills, doing laundry, making lunch, etc....when i have other things stacking up, i can't focus on making jewelry
  6. pick a theme - make only red things for a week, use only metal, etc
  7. try a new technique - whether it be easy or hard
  8. read a book
  9. take a break from anything jewelry related for a couple of days or a couple of weeks
  10. play in another medium - for me that means picking up some yarn and knitting or picking up my paintbrushes and watercoloring
  11. pamper yourself
  12. make something for yourself - what i would wear is not always EXACTLY what i make for others
  13. enjoy nature - there are so many colors and shapes in nature that it is almost impossible not to get inspired
  14. buy something new - this sort of goes along with trying a new technique, but buying a couple of new cabs often gets me thinking in new ways
  15. use alternative materials - embroidery floss and plastic bags definitely make me think in new ways
  16. enjoy other artists work - seeing what others are able to do allows me to expand my definition of what is possible
  17. meditate - just take time to let ideas come to you, its not necessary to force them
  18. talk it out - sometimes discussing a creative rut with another will open up a dialog for suggestions for new work
  19. enjoy new music
  20. sketch - i never sketch, ever, but i do think grabbing a stone and sketching out ideas would help someone regain some momentum

and if you don't think my ideas will work, go check out my friends:


Eve M Metalsmith said...

Great ideas!

I agree, you must get the things taht are nagging you done with, otherwise you can never fully dedicate your heart mind and soul to your work!

Thank You for sharing ;o)

fluxplay said...

I like no.9. That's a really hard one to come to terms with but I know it's right.

Beth Cyr said...

love it!
I do try to pamper myself often :)

Catherine Chandler said...

Great suggestions!!! I need to sketch more :)

stacey said...

after reading everyone's lists, i think its funny how many ideas overlap

Katie Lime said...

Great list! I find that when I take a break from the actual process of making and play around with sketching or another medium I get tons of new ideas floating around in my head.