so its barely the new year...

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and i have committed myself to yet another project.

several members of the etsymetal team have been participating in a monthly blog carnival and i have decided to join.
this month's theme was "favorite treasure."
i chose my collection of (mostly vintage) bottles of dried flowers.
the bottles themselves are all significant, even if only for a simple reason.
most have been collected on trips or given to me as gifts.
the dried flowers are even more significant.
the flowers have been collected from proms, from youth trips, from vacations, and from weddings.
they came from bouquets, from gardens, and even from the side of the road.
most of my possessions can be replaced by rebuilding, printing, or purchasing, but these vintage bottles and their dried flowers cannot.

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Beth Cyr said...

oh i love it!! and its so fitting :)

stacey said...

yep, i have been a flower child from day one.

Experimetal said...

cool! your bottles are holding your memories :)

Ashley said...

I love that Stacey! Do you remember what each group of flowers is from?

stacey said...

i remember most of them but not all of them.
i was thinking yesterday that i really should attach a note to each bottle describing everything.