project runway jewelry challenges are back

i first have to say how excited i am that another season of project runway is underway.
i really get a kick out of watching the show for both the impressive and horrible designs.
then, i really get to push myself to create new and sometimes innovative pieces with other members of etsymetal.

for the first challenge, the focus was on the number five.
i chose to incorporate five elements that i really love to use in my pieces.
*flowers -- this necklace features both my tiny cut-out flowers and pierced flowers hidden behind the mexican lace agate cabochon
*cabochons -- this necklace incorporates both the itty bitty round cabs that can be found throughout my work as well as a lovely detailed mexican lace agate cabochon
*handmade chain -- this necklace has me wanting to play with handmade chain again
*oxidized silver -- this necklace, well, you can see that its black along with so much of my other work
*monochromatic colors -- this necklace focuses on the red tones in the mexican lace cabochon, something i usually do with enamel, but may be expanding upon since it worked so well with stones

you can find the other entries of both other etsymetal members and guests here

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