project runway challenge

this week's challenge was to select a movie genre (western, film noir, period piece, sci-fi, or action adventure and to create a costume for a character of your own creation.
i wanted something that would be a challenge in both the story aspect and the actual 'costume' so i choose sci-fi.
the ring itself was a challenge because it had many solder joints and i only use hard and medium-hard solder.
(i am much too rough on my jewelry to use anything else.)
everything went together just as i had planned and nothing melted unless it was planned.
the ring itself belongs to a wandering alien (for lack of a better word.)
she does not feel at home in any one place and chooses to explore far away galaxies.
thus, the ring is weathered and worn in appearance.
at the uppermost point is a star ruby that extends from its hollow base and is used as a homing device when she is ready to be whisked away to the next mysterious world.

to see other pieces for the challenge check out the etsymetal blog.


Anonymous said...

I love that!

Stuart and Kimber said...

Hey! You're on the front page of etsymetal today!