the year of.....

mountain blossom
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lately i have read several entries on blogs about an artist's theme for the year (for lack of better explanation.)
it really got me thinking about what direction i want to move in and what i want to focus on in the little time i have available.

so far i have thought about:
dots/granules - maybe too trendy for me
flowers - but i ALWAYS have flowers
motion - kinetic pieces can be a lot of fun
piercing - how far can this take me?
and then i decided that it was simply the year of MORE.

i know, can i be any more vague?
but the idea does seem to define my newer work the best....
i have been trying more techniques, using more techniques per piece, incorporating more details into each piece and this will continue.

to see some of my newest pieces check out the shop


msbelle said...

I like it. 'More' means many, many, many more of your great pieces to come!

Anonymous said...

I never see this picture well <<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

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