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32 weeks
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every day it seems like i am growing and stretching even more.
i am trying to prepare the house, my family, and myself the best that i can.
i have also finished the last two postpartum depression books that i will be reading.

*Postpartum Depression Demystified by Joyce Venis RN & Suzanne McCloskey
The authors both suffered from postpartum depression and wrote the book in an effort to help others. The book seemed to be more of a layman's guide, but was also very thorough.
The first half of the book discusses symptoms and the difference between 'normal' tired mothers and those suffering with postpartum depression. The second half focuses on treatment options and includes self help strategies as well as different types of therapy and medication.
I did not find this book very useful, but it was the fourth on my list. I do think it would be a great book to share with others who really have no clue about postpartum depression as it is super easy to understand and covers most topics.

*The Mother-to-Mother Postpartum Depression Support Book by Sandra Poulin
Again, this author suffered with postpartum depression and her goal is to offer support on a topic that is not adequately covered in childbirth education classes.
I found this book helpful because it provides exactly what it describes, support. The book's chapters are broken down by symptoms and then include stories from women who have been there. I found it very reassuring (and scary) to read other women's stories.
Sometimes, its just nice to know we are not alone and that's where this book comes in handy.

*The Postpartum Husband by Karen Kleiman
I bought this one for Ryan and refuse to read it myself.
It may be helpful to know that there is support for husbands/partners who are having to live through it too.

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