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i just don't seem to have it lately.
i have been working on finishing up a couple of custom orders and have done very little in the jewelry department other than that.
i have been tying up loose ends on the home front in preparation for boy #2.
its not like anyone can ever really be prepared for any child, but i figure that the more preparation i do now, the less stressed i will be in a month.
i have also been trying to enjoy parker as much as possible before i have to share my time.
i have heard how some mothers/parents worry about loving the next one as much as the first, etc, etc.
i think i have some of those same fears. really, how can any child be as smart, fun, and just generally awesome as parker?
and how in the world will i be able to split my time fairly with both of them?


Stuart and Kimber said...

And you don't think you're going to have just another awesome child?

I think that goes without saying.

Effn Peter is going to be just as awesome. (Even if he does have a different name...) After all, he's coming from the same genes!

Anonymous said...

It is looking like a two eyes ,,,,,,,,,,,,

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