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after swearing off production work (at least in my mind), i have decided that sometimes it isn't so bad.
i know that i need a steady flow of cash so i can keep buying supplies to create new pieces, but i realize that it is super hard to get this from just one of a kind or even very limited edition pieces.
i brought back my itty bitty studs to the shop and have been selling them well.
honestly, i got a little frustrated about how well they were selling in comparison to my more complicated and one of a kind pieces.
then this morning i woke up to such a nice sale that it should help me remember to find a balance between doing my next favorite piece ever and something that will help me to afford to make my next favorite piece ever.


Stuart and Kimber said...

These are very cool...

Did you sell your beautiful necklace? I hope you did for your sake, but I still love and covet it even though I can never own it because I would never have anywhere to wear it except to put kiddos to bed, which they might eventually catch on as the highlight of my day. Do you think?

(I am very proud of the length of the above sentence!)

stacey said...

not yet, the guild has it too.

Lisa Stone said...

I just happened to come upon your blog and I had to comment. I am busy contemplating and coming to the realization that it isn't possible to only make what you like. I have ditched what I love and am in the middle of regrouping and changing around everything that I do. It seems that inexpensive stuff sells and although it is not exciting, it's what we have to do to work. It sucks in a way, but it is also a way to continue to do our craft.

Good luck and I LOVE your work!

stacey said...

exactly lisa, compromise seems to be involved in everything.

Anonymous said...

I never this type of images it is looking so sweet,,,,

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