what happens when i am not making jewelry...

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parker is a big boy now and he is happy to remind me or anyone else of this fact.
we decided to sign him up for soccer and he had his first game last night.
we went and bought all of the extra gear and parker was thrilled about that.
and then, to get on the field and play was almost more than he could handle.
he did actually kick the ball a few times (mostly in the wrong direction) and had fun making new friends.


msbelle said...

He's going to have so much fun!! Wait until he scores a goal!! Then it's celebration time!

Pattie said...

This will open up a whole new world for him and for you. You have seen the field side of sports. Get ready for the bleacher side. It's both wonderful and scary.

stacey said...

i really am so excited about it!!
(almost as much as he is)

Anonymous said...

What a players and good pitch.....i love this,,,,,,,,

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