ms craftsman's guild round #2 pieces

Originally uploaded by wildflowerdesigns
after no inspiration, melting, and then cursing, my pieces for the ms craftsman's guild resubmission are coming together.
things have gone well this week and i really want to throw a party to celebrate how much i have gotten accomplished.
yes, three stacking rings and two earrings are enough to get me excited at this point in life.
this is mostly due to the fact that i am practicing some granulation, YAY!!


msbelle said...

Way cool rings!! They're gonna be fantastic!

And I saw the granulation on Flickr. Those earrings are just super!

stacey said...

thanks ginger!
the rings were a pain, but are finished. i will have to sort through my pics to see if any turned out well.

Anonymous said...

What a white ring for women it is good to see,,,,

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