this new year...

the end of 2008 and this beginning of 2009 really has me thinking about life and jewelry and making it all work.
knowing that i will have boy #2 in june of this year has me semi-paniced to spend as much time with parker before the addition and before he starts school. i find myself questioning many minutes of the day and so many activities that we choose to do to make sure that we are able to have the most fun. he has been my sidekick for almost 5 years and i am not sure what it will be like to step into the world without his excitement and enthusiasm every second of the day.
knowing that i will have boy #2 right when i would have had my days to myself has me really questioning what i really want out of creating jewelry and i am not sure i have this figured out yet, but,
* i know that i will not stop creating
* i know that i do not want to focus on production work
* i know that i need the association of people in the art community (they seem to "get" me best)
* i know that i need to participate in shows, but that this will become much more difficult
* i know that i need to continue to push myself professionally (apply, apply, apply and face uncomfortable rejection)
the vagueness of this knowledge really doesn't leave me with a real plan or a specific goal. so, i suppose that i must continue to think about all of these things and then get focused and organized so i can work on my priorities and not get sidetracked.


Vita said...

I absolutely LOVE your jewellery and think it is so unique and beautiful...I have not bought anything from you yet (etsy) but plan on it sometime soon! I wanted to wish you the best of luck in determining your goals for this year and also in hopes that you keep creating! And I just wanted you to know you have an extra fan out there! ;)
Oh and congratulations on pregnancy #2!!! I hope all is going smoothly! How exciting!! :D

stacey said...

thank you!!
its comments like these that make me want to drag myself out of my rut and keep on going.

msbelle said...

I'm so very excited for you Stacey! Your work is awesome and don't you forget that. Your son(s) are awesome too! All the possibilities, with or without a boy #2, are wide open for you because you create such cool stuff with such passion. If you believe in your jewelry (and I know you do because it reflects your heart and soul), then nothing can stop you, not even morning sickness and diapers. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. And you will. :)

Anonymous said...

I love new year it is so sweet ......

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