good news / bad news

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good news:
*we are having boy #2 and i think everyone is happy and relieved
*boy #2 weighs exactly what he should and is on track for his the due date of june 9th (parker was 3 weeks early; we are worried about these things)
*i was able to add some nice pieces on etsymetal's new work thursday
*i made it into 3 treasuries (a miracle as of late) and sophie's made it to the front page

bad news:
*despite listing work on thursday, i haven't been able to get much more done
*sleep deprivation and being stuck inside because of rain doesn't make moms or 4 year old boys happy
*a nonexistent spouse doesn't make moms happy either


msbelle said...

Woohoo! Another boy! That's so cool!

I know what you mean about worrying. Kevin was born at 32 weeks and I was an 'older' mom. He's my one and only and always will be so I guess God didn't think I could handle any more!

I hope you're doing well and that your non-existent spouse comes around for you!

Susan said...

Congrats...I have a boy #2 on the way...due the same day as boy #1's 3rd birthday, April 29!!! Ironic. But I just found out that this one, like the last has a low placenta, and most likely will remain breech and require a c-sec. Super fun. I wonder how much metal work will get done and how I will get back into the "swing" of thing without a long break!

stacey said...

thanks ladies.
and susan, those are definitely some of the things i think about. how and when will i get to work again?

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture i love these kinds of picture,,,,,,,,

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