new etsymetal earrings...

i cannot get this post layout how i would like...

this month i decided to treat myself to a couple of pair of new earrings from my fellow etsymetalers.
i have to admit that i LOVE them both!!!

caitlyn of disco medusa had a sale recently
and since i have favorited many of her crescent blade earrings i knew that i had to just go for it.

i chose the medium crescent blades and i could not be happier.
i love this design and really wish i was clever enough to think of it on my own
and the medium version is perfect to wear every single day.

the first pair i bought (stupid blogger can't get it right) was the mod leaf earrings from nina dinoff.
there were so many things in nina's shop that i loved, it was hard to decide.
the earrings are very sleek and show off sparkling garnet and smoky quartz.
they are the fanciest earrings i own and will really look nice with my zombie tees.

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