results are in...

results are in...
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and i got an "eff off."

well, not quite.
i got a "...the tradition of the Craftmen's Guild is more manipulation of the materials by the craftsmen. There are many ways that this can be accomplished with a refining of you craft. The Committee would like to see a demonstration of more complex techniques."
my thoughts...
how can i manipulate the metal more? everything has been forged, formed, sawn, hammered, soldered from stock.
do i need to refine my craft or use more techniques? refining one's craft does not automatically lend itself to more or more complex techniques.
what does more complex techniques mean? seriously, please explain.

at this point i want to cry, yell, break something, break someone, crawl into a hole, and eat chocolate all day.
unfortunately none of these options are overly productive or even possible.
thanks to my friend who plans on holding my hand while i decide exactly how to proceed from here.
and thanks to everyone who buys my work because they love it as much as i do.


Ashley said...

Stacey, I absolutely adore your work. Please don't take a rejection personally. You really have to have a very thick skin in this line of work. Your talent is evident, don't let this get you down.

Beth Cyr said...

I'm sorry love :( Ashley is completely right. It is so hard not to take it personally - I do, its why I hadn't applied for anything in a looong time. The last time I did was a few months ago and I realized it didn't hurt as bad as it used to. Its hard putting so much work, time, love and energy in to going for something only to feel like they spent 2 seconds saying, 'No!' I've realized more in the past year that these things are sooo objective, more than I would like them to be. And regardless of how many times I heard that it took me a while to really believe it.

I know it sounds cheesy, but the fact that you went through with applying is really important. I can't bring myself to even do that most of the time....

and PS. I love your stuff! :)

Jenna Appleton said...

I don't really know what they meant by their comments when they handed down their decision - sounds like 'we have enough jewelers right now so we're going to fob you off kthxbai' to me :( Either that or the jury focus is really narrow.

I can't even get up the guts to apply for stuff anymore (everything here goes to people who've gone to a particular couple of design schools anyway) so you're well ahead of me ^_^

Delias Thompson said...

I got rejection after rejection for a long time and it really was quite painful.... I was finally told privately by an insider that it was my photography and the way I was displaying my work. Remember, they have a lot of "insider rules". I was told that based on my photography they could tell where I was in my career.... a lot of the old smiths think we should pay our dues since they had to. They don't realize that it's a new world.... and a brighter one. Don't let them get you down but do consider having some pieces professionally photographed to see if it helps with things like this. I adore your work and your enthusiasm and I know you are going to get better and better since you have so much passion! Remember, techniques can be taught but passion and creativity cannot and you have the two most important components. Hold your head up girl because I believe in you and so do all your lovely customers and their opinion is the most important!


Amie King--Saving the world One necklace at a time. said...

don't worry. rejection in one of those things that comes with applying. the odds of getting in are probably like 10%, and they probably get thousands of applications. I know it is hard, but try not to take it too personally. Plus the jurors change every year, so there is always next year. i love your work too!

Stuart and Kimber said...

Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME? Did they mix up your stuff with someone else's that doesn't have a clue?

They are absolute MORONS! Do they want stuff that can be duplicatible??? Well then, Baby! That's NOT you!

I CANNOT even believe they said that. It must be a form letter!

I am so annoyed I can't stop typing without exclamation points or capital letters!

Let's go TP their mailbox.


(I can think of a few more epithaths, but I'll stop while I'm ahead.)

stacey said...

thank you girls!

i can't tell you what it means to be validated by my peers that i have the utmost respect for.

Janice said...

((hugs)) Rejection is HARD, oh so hard! Interestingly enough, some fellow metalsmiths and I just did a 'synchroblog' on rejection. Although it hurts, it really IS a growth opportunity. (on many fronts) Keep standing behind your work....and keep pushing forward! I very much like your work.