new cabochons

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i know, the pic is really crappy.

right now i am so unmotivated to actually do any work even though i just got all of these stones in the mail.
i just can't sit down and focus on anything.
i have a few stones that will most likely turn into something simliar to other designs, but thats not what i want to do right now.
i want to come up with something new and exciting and it just isn't happening.
when other people complain about a similar problem, they are generally told to take a break, try something different, go for a walk.
well, i have done most of those things.
before i went on vacation i worked on a few things, but mostly nothing;
i have been knitting like crazy in anticipation of the fall;
and we even went on a week long vacation (which i didn't want to come home from.)
what am i supposed to do now?
what about the few upcoming shows i have and my etsy store that is looking rather small?

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