yes, more of the craftsmans' guild

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so, despite being sick this week (which i HATE!!!) i did manage to get most of one of my pieces made for the guild submission.
i cut, formed, soldered, hammered, and filed all of the larger thin links; cut out the sterling silver back and pierced a flower, soldered the bezel down; cut, formed, soldered, hammered and filed all of the thicker but smaller links to complete the chain.
i just set the stone tonite and then the necklace will live in my tumbler for most of the day tomorrow and finally get a coat of liver of sulfur.
it will the best necklace ever and hopefully prove that i do have sufficient skills to be a member of the guild.

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sophie (duckduckgoosestuff) said...

This is a really impressive piece; I'm really enjoying looking at your work at the moment!