still on vacation...

face your manga
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the rest of the week has been fun, but i just don't have adequate access to upload new pics to my flickr account.
sunday was a semi relaxed day hanging out with nathan and sadie and painting just a little.
monday and tuesday both included a drive and roller coaster rides at king's dominion. i do have to agree with many other people that the park is a great one to visit. it had enough rides for me to enjoy and more than enough for parker to enjoy. hopefully by the time our next trip rolls around parker will have grown a few inches so he can ride even more.
and, i personally have problems with heights (not so much as other people), but did manage to ride 'the drop.' (but only once since i couldn't stop shaking for at least half an hour.)
wednesday we stopped by port discovery which was fun. it had plenty for parker to do and is something that we would probably visit regularly if we lived in the area.
thursday and friday have been full of lego star wars and the greenbriar.

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