a little bit of a wasted weekend after a long week

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i have really been half doing so many things lately.
i am tired and stressed and have put a lot of pressure on myself.
i have tried several new mini shows this year that have not been worth the time and i am learning that i need to focus on larger shows that get the press that attracts a real crowd.
i am really pushing myself to try new things with my metal and to make some spectacular pieces that i can submit to the craftsman guild in two weeks. i missed the deadline in feb 08, but i am doing it this go round.
after snooping and a little bit of research, i am really unsure about my feelings on the craftsman guild and what positive experiences i hope to gain.
i am trying to balance teaching my son and making sure that he gets to be a kid. we know so many people who send their children to preschool so early, that its hard to know what decision is best.
and, i am working on the 100 push-ups program that was recommended by an online friend. it seems like with all the other work i have been doing that my arms are tired and irritated and don't want to stick with the program.

hopefull this week i will be able to get it together and finish some of my elaborate projects and teach parker a few things too.


Nothinglikeit said...

100 pushups! Ouch! I'm still working on 10 at a time... LOL! good luck with that.
Love your ETSY shop, your metal work is beautiful!

Come on over to my blog where the coffee's perking and the muffins are still warm!

stacey said...


you have some hilarious creations

Jo said...

What you wrote sounded so familiar! I've definitely been trying to do too many things as well.
Good luck with the guild application. I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting accepted!

msbelle said...

I hope it went well! Your creations are so very cool!

I know what you mean about letting your kid be a kid. I've missed out on a lot of other things by keeping Kevin at home instead of sending him to preschool or daycare. But I really wouldn't change it now. He'll be in 1st grade in a couple of weeks and we've been having a lot of fun this summer at my mom's. He's gotten to be a kid in some of the best ways: wading creeks, climbing trees, catching lightning bugs, watching the wildlife, riding his bike and basically doing nothing but having fun. We read together too to keep his reading skills up over the summer. I believe you're doing the right thing. You'll have a closer relationship with Parker when all is said and done. I hope that's the case with me and Kevin anyway.

stacey said...

thank you ms belle
that is certainly my hope