MY prototype

salvia petal
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i have had this idea floating in my head for months.
i did the gem and jewelry show and the only plus was the gorgeous cabs i snagged.
this one i knew would be mine.
i LOVE sugilite and this has great color!!
i finally got brave enough to finish this one up as my prototype and i am thrilled with how it turned out.
i am already planning my week around making a few more (with slight variations of course.)

here's another pic

and let me know what you think about the background...
i am thinking of using it for a jury next month.


msbelle said...

I like the background. It has the same rustic feel as the piece does. You might add something else in there for another touch of color, like maybe a purple flower. But then, that's not what you usually do in your pics. I like it just as it is. :)

stacey said...


i am trying to decide what shows off the stones better. the solid colors worked well when i had so much metal, but not so much when i have stones.
i think i will be browsing the scrapbooking section soon.