ms market review (part III)

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in a nutshell:

*the ms market has a definite asthetic which did not seem to include room for mine
*the market (overall) had very low price points which made it hard to price handmade work reasonably
*although minimum orders were encouraged (and should be required at a wholesale show) many vendors didn't have one
*brochures are not cheap

*the staff were extremely helpful and professional prior to the event and during the event.
*the market offers a free workshop on wholesaling
*there was lots of different advertising prior to the show
*the market set-up was again very professional and looked expensive
*a good (and remember i am a picky eater) breakfast was served thursday morning and a great lunch was served both thursday and friday with drinks and snacks available during the day

*i had some custom stands made that look wonderful and i can use them in the future
*i got to meet some silly and sweet vendors that made the market a little more exciting than it normally would be
*and, i knit up a scarf and a half a scarf

*oh, and i will have plenty of pieces that will be going up on etsy this week

so, i guess that if your work fits into the average mississippi/southern home, it is worth a try

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