ms market (part I)

line sheet
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this week i have been trying to decide exactly what i am willing to offer wholesale and how i can present this in a professional way.
i have no desire to replicate designs ad nauseum.
i think i have found a solution in offering "batches" of things such as enameled minis and flowers.
we shall see how this works in my first wholesale show ever in june.


alisa said...

oooh! where's your show? congratulations! it seems like there are a few of us trying to figure this out right now.

i feel the same way as you, but more than not wanting to make a design a bunch, i want to make a living at this. i think it's a balance. at least that's what i keep telling myself. :-)

stacey said...

here in ms.

the balance part really is the worst for me.