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i am not one for promoting myself. i usually feel very ackward and sort of like a used car salesman.
i really enjoy what i make and know that it is good quality (it holds up against my 4 year old.)
so, when i was interviewed for an article about my jewelry i was pretty nervous, but very excited.
i think the article turned out well and brandi made me feel very comfortable while she interviewed me.
see the complete article here: jackson free press


msbelle said...

Great interview! (I particularly love the parts about the zombies and the gingerbread outhouses!) All kidding aside, your jewelry rocks!!

stacey said...

hehe! i know.

and i appreciate the compliment.

sage said...

hooray! I'm glad we got it *fixed* and that you can now share this with pride! love your stuff stacey! or is that stacie? or stacy? haha