i have (unfortunately) been tagged

shame on jenna appleton and ms belle (forever ago) for tagging me

so, here are 7 facts about me:

1-i love music and often turn it up loud to sing to, but only when i can't really hear myself (mowing the lawn, in the shower, in the car)
2- i wear flip flops and sandals year round so i have old man feet
3 - my last "real" job was working on the forensic building of the state psych hospital
4 - my favorite foods are fried chicken and dark chocolate
5 - i LOVE horror movies, especially ones with zombies
6 - i don't wear make-up, but i obsessively pluck my eyebrows every day
7 - i am a pretty private (although spaztic) person, so most of the people who know me, don't know all of these facts

and sorry jenna, i just can't make someone else do these

1 comment:

msbelle said...

See. That didn't hurt a bit now did it? ;)

I love fried chicken too.